B. Ed. Course Structure and Syllabus

General Structure

The two year B. Ed programme spread over four semesters shall consist of nine full and four half theory papers (Core & Electives / Optional), twenty weeks of School Internship- cum Field Work and Four Half paper on Enhancement of Professional Capacities (EPC).

(A)Course Structure


Paper Code Title of the Paper
B.Ed 101 Foundation of Child Development
B.Ed 102 Education in Contemporary India
B.Ed 103 Cultural Basis of Schooling
B.Ed 104 Elective (Any one School Subject Paper):
  • Understanding Science
  • Understanding Mathematics
  • Understanding Social Sciences
  • Understanding Language
B.Ed 105 Developing Critical Thinking Skills(EPC-1)


Paper Code Title of the Paper
B.Ed 201 School Organization & Management
B.Ed 202 Social Basis of Education
B.Ed 203 Inclusive Education
B.Ed 204 Optional
  • Environmental Education
  • Population Education
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Guidance & Counseling
B.Ed 205 ICT Skill Development (EPC-2)
B.Ed 206 Development of Teachers Personality (EPC-3)


Paper Code Title of the Paper
B.Ed 301 Principles of Learning & Teaching
B.Ed 302 & B.Ed 303 Elective – (Any Two Method Papers)
  • Methodology of Teaching Modern Indian Language
  • Methodology of Teaching English
  • Methodology of Teaching Physical Science
  • Methodology of Teaching Life Science
  • Methodology of Teaching Geography
  • Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
  • Methodology of Teaching History
  • Methodology of Teaching Social Science
B.Ed 304 Assessment & Evaluation of Learning
B.Ed 305 Developing Creative Skills (EPC-4)


Paper Code Title of the Paper
B.Ed 401 Foundations of Knowledge & Curriculum
B.Ed 402 School Internship (15 weeks)
  (A) Pre-Internship : (2 weeks)
  • Observation of two Demonstration Lessons (with report)
  • Micro Lesson Teaching Practice(With Record)
  • Macro Lesson Teaching Practice(With Record
  (B) Internship - Teaching Practice in Schools on Two Method Subjects (60 Lessons) (12 weeks)
  • Teaching Practice
  • Observation of 30 lessons
  • Viva-Voce on Lesson Plans & Teaching Practice
  • Teaching Aids- Ten (Including One Model in Each)
  (C) Post Internship–Two Criticism Lessons (1 week)
  (D) School Internship: Other Related Work
  • Maintaining Teacher ‘s Diary
  • Preparation of Time Table
  • Addressing School Assembly
  • Preparing Students’ Portfolio
  • Attending Staff Meeting and Writing Minutes


  • B. Ed. Course Structure and Syllabus

Academic Calendar

  • For Semesters I & III
  • For Semesters II & IV