History of College


The College of Teacher Education, Tura, Rongkhon was established in the year 1993. Since its inception, it has been catering to the needs of the different districts of Meghalaya and Garo Hills in particular as well as other states of India. With the introduction of two year course from the August session 2015 the seat has been limited to 50 out of which 25% is allotted to the in-service student teachers deputed by the Government of Meghalaya for obtaining B.Ed Degree for the secondary school teachers of Garo Hills Districts, Meghalaya while the remaining 25% seats are being allotted to the pre-service student teachers.

The College of Teacher Education, Tura, Rongkhon gives opportunity and scope to the aspiring individuals who wish to be efficient and competent teachers in different categories of the stages of education especially the secondary stage to obtain B.Ed Degree creating a possibility of getting jobs both within and outside the State which in turn solves the problem of untrained teachers as well as unemployment of educated youths.

The college also conducts different workshops every year for both trained and untrained teachers of secondary schools of Garo Hills in particular in areas of pedagogical, professional and skill developments to upgrade their standard and efficiency and equipping them in new trends in the teaching and learning process. At present, the college has two storied building having a ground floor and a 1st floor.


  • B. Ed. Course Structure and Syllabus

Academic Calendar

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